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Yeah that’s right, it’s time to buy into the whole “New Year’s Resolution” hype.

That torment and anguish we put ourselves through remembering all the bad things we did last year and promising to make good in the year to come, only to remember that we did this same exercise the year before and still ended up doing all the naughty things we said we wouldn’t… but boy, did we have fun.

note : this is not a true depiction of the fun we had in 2016

This year we’re sending you our list so that you (the world and our loving customers) can hold us to them. And the best part is; if we don’t stick to them YOU get to choose our punishment (not really).

So here goes…

1). Be More Awesome – just when you thought we couldn’t be more awesome, we just promised to… be more awesome.

2). Send the goss to our Grouch Life subscribers regularly – with cool and interesting info about what’s happening in our coffee loving lives and tips on what to look out for in the foreseeable future.

ocd dist
OCD Distributor as mentioned here

3). Blog, Blog, Blog – we promise to be more bloggy and blog about blog-worthy things. Like; fresh landed single origins, interviews with key coffee peeps, general chit-chat and wanky coffee stuff.

4). Share the juiciest industry gossip as soon as we hear it.

5). Invite you to more fun stuff – we’re going to work on more collabs, public and free industry events, and boost our community presence and WE WANT YOU on board.

image & styling by : Lyndley Mill Stylist

We are stoked for 2017 and we can’t wait to share every moment with you.

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image by : Amanda Alessi

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