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Celebrating Australians Abroad

Celebrating Australians Abroad


Australians all let us rejoice, for we are young and free… we’ve golden soil and wealth for toil, we love to drink coffee.

I’m sure you’ve heard the tale of those Aussie blokes in the Big Apple so desperately in need of a decent cuppa they thought “fuck it, we’ll start our own bloody cafe.” It’s probably due to them and the guys behind Bluestone Lane Collective that the infamous Aussie Flat White has weaseled its way on to the menu of most cafes in the US. And if not, you are at least met with a knowing expression when you try to order one Abroad!

Image from @Bluestonelanecoffee

Having recently visited Little Collins on Lexington Street (between 55th and 56th), the ole Aussie accent wasn’t something to turn a head at. Their set up however, crikey! They’ve got some darn good machinery serving up some bloody good specialty brew. They were the first crew to introduce Modbar to NYC – a café style where the focus is on pulling the shot because all the major hardware and barista equipment is concealed beneath the counter. Definitely a must see if/when in New York City.

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Also not to be sneezed at, specialty coffee roaster and café St. Ali in Melbourne has expanded to London. Owner Salvatore Malatesta is excited to share his passion for good produce and specialty coffee with the rest of the world. Eager to share Australia’s unique coffee culture he has sights set on Paris and Berlin too. Toby’s Estate, yet another specialty coffee roaster with a stream of cafes and espresso bars to add to its name are also popping up in the US and Singapore.

Tobys’ Estate Image from Sean Santiago via Lonny

It would seem our love of specialty coffee is contagious.  Our conclusion – we can all rest assured that soon enough we will be able to drink a good old Flat white wherever our travel takes us.





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