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Deadpool is Dead On

Deadpool is Dead On


First, watch this movie trailer for Deadpool:

(warning: contains restricted content)


Ok, now you’ll understand what I’ve written here. You see, the movie Deadpool is kinda hard to describe (I tried to describe it last night, didn’t work).

It’s like, imagine if X-Men was rated MA15+ and everyone could swear and when people get killed, it’s not pretty. The whole film is dirty, overcast, and with so much sexual innuendo it’d be enough to make a nearby nunnery spontaneously combust.

And you love it.

Deadpool is an alter ego of Wade Wilson (played by Ryan Reynolds, he’s really good). I was going to give you a little synopsis of the movie right here, but even that would be spoiling it. Just go see it. But only if you can handle gore. Not like Quentin Tarantino gore, but just like unabashed action-gore. There are so many messy head-shots, stabbings, body crushes, blood spatters on the camera lens, that you start to question your sanity for enjoying watching the movie.

But what makes this movie awesome¬†is that it is fantasy, but embedded in our own real-world culture. The writers are brilliant; The visuals are spattered with blood and the audio is spattered with pop-culture references. Irreverent disses against the very industry that made this movie possible. e.g. Ryan Reynold’s character bagging out Reynold’s other movies. Constant jabs against the X-Men franchise e.g. ‘which Professor Xavier is it? McAvoy or Stewart? These timelines are so confusing.’

Deadpool pop-culture reference

Deadpool is unapologetically rioting through every adored superhero movie and taking a big giant shit over all of them. And it’s just magical. Why did I love watching this anti-superhero? I’m not sure. It was just so real. He’s exactly like what a real person would be like if they’d been tortured and mutilated and lost everything. Not like Christian Bale’s tortured-soul Batman, but more like The Joker if he was less sadistic. And you really want Deadpool to kill the baddie and get the girl.

The movie felt so ‘real’ that when I saw this video today, it literally felt like Deadpool was still going:

Yep, they are 2 cool cats. And Reynolds’ Deadpool holds your hand as you go on the roller coaster with him, weaving chaotically through fantasy, back to real-world and back into fantasy. It’s Deadpool’s incessantly amazing humour that makes you enjoy the ride and ultimately question which world is more bizarre.


Are you ready? Probably not, but go see it anyway.



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