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Donald Grump – Make Beer Great Again


Grouch Life is all about living and breathing what we love. Our passion reaches beyond coffee to fashion, energetic and exciting lifestyle (think wild parties with well-dressed beasts), and boutique, local produce.

We work with like-minded peeps in creative industries to bring a point of difference to our community and our latest collaboration is with our local craft brewery, In8 Brewers.

The In8 Brewery let us into their lair so we could concoct something amazing


Before you turn your nose up at the thought of another coffee or milk stout beer with all the dark nuances a stout conjures, just slow ya roll and stop.

We bloody love to push the envelope and we’ve found someone who thinks the same way. Joel Nash, Head Brewer at Innate Brewery, has been exploring near-uncharted golden, red and amber waters since taking over the small, independent brewery.

Joel knows what’s up.

His latest feats include scooping up Silver for the Great Scott American Pale Ale and Bronze for Drinkstable IPA, Pale as Bro Kiwi Pale Ale, Raging Raja Spiced Porter, and Confucius Sais Mandarin Saison at the Perth Royal Beer Show.

Donald Grump is brewing…

Like all of Innate Brewers beer, Donald Grump seeks to challenge traditional notions of coffee and beer collaborations. It’s a Brown Ale and uses lactose to create a milky body. We brought our Sparky Blend to the table to add a hint of extra deliciousness to the mix. But we can’t take all the credit.


Joel enjoys the first sip of the Donald Grump milk coffee brown ale

For more info on Donald Grump and the rest of Innate’s portfolio checkout their website


Stockists include;

Cellarbrations Superstore Hamilton Hill (best beer selection EVER!)

Bad Apples Bar

Petition Kitchen, The Treasury Buildings


Thursday 8th, 6pm

Bad Apples Bar, Riesley Street, Ardross


Get amongst it… make beer great again.

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