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For Purity & Passion

For Purity & Passion


Last week we met with the team behind The Pure Press and Inner Ego to see first-hand where the magic happens. We learned what inspires them to go above and beyond to create their nutrient-packed almond milk and juice range.

A creative, industrial reception area, secret, state of the art machinery and a kitchen/storage area most food producers dream of… The Pure Press and Inner Ego boast all this and more at their headquarters.

The Pure Press bottles
Almond milk galore

“It all started with my juice range,” says Lynda, Founder and Director of The Pure Press and Inner Ego. “I tried a number of different almond milks before experimenting with my own.”

Lynda was looking for an almond milk to use with her juice range, Inner Ego, but couldn’t find anything that matched the healthy, nutrient-packed, cold press ethos her juices boast. It had to be something pure, yet rich.

“I looked at what was available and saw a need in the market for healthy, nutrient-rich almond milk,” says Lynda.

And the passion to create spurred from there.

Over time, the team at The Pure Press has perfected their cold press almond milk recipe. Using only Australian almonds (the batch we tried were South Australian and delicious!) soaked in filtered water for a minimum of 12 hours, they are then thoroughly washed, blended and pressed.


So raw, so good

“Soaking the almonds helps them to be easily digested,” says Lynda. “Our almonds are cold stored because exposure to heat can affect nutrient value.”

The recipe is simple; Aussie activated almonds, filtered water, and sea salt. However it’s the production method that truly sets The Pure Press apart. Without giving too many secrets away, The Pure Press designed and manufactured their own machinery which works to finely press the almonds so the fiber-rich pulp is blended and pressed softly into the juice. All that’s left of the pulp is something that resembles fine grain sand.

“Each 2L flagon contains approximately 350 almonds, which equates to about 18% almond content” says Lynda.

When you compare this to other available almond milk products, which on average contain 2% almond, it’s obvious why The Pure Press strive to create a product that’s healthy and delicious.

Almond milk, ready to drink. Or mix with coffee, as we prefer.

Using only sea salt as a preservative, Lynda ensures us the best way to maintain nutrient value and product integrity is through cold storage.

“The biggest risks we face working with a raw, unpasteurized product is contamination and heat,” Lynda explains as she walks us through her customized, purpose built kitchen. “We’re lucky we don’t have to worry too much about cross contamination because our kitchen only produces cold press juice and almond milk, no meat or dairy products are ever in the kitchen.”

Heat can affect the nutrient value of foods. Cold pressing ensures the nutrient value is maintained, therefore resulting in a healthier product.

“All our packaging is done in the cool-room, so nothing is ever sitting at room temperature, including through the delivery process because we use temperature controlled courier vans,” ensures Lynda.

Although making a raw product isn’t easy, it’s something the team has been working hard to streamline since going into production in 2013.

“We’re small production, making 250 bottles twice a week, which means our ordering, production and delivery has to be carefully planned,” Lynda explains. “Planning and understanding our workflow has helped us to create a great production line.”

With a semi-automatic bottling machine, commonly used in the wine industry, The Pure Press are able to fill five bottles at a time.

“While it’s still quite manual, loading the machine and making sure it pours correctly, it is a big help!” laughs Lynda.

Our Grouch & Co Almond Milk Iced Coffee uses fresh almond milk by The Pure Press

The Pure Press and Inner Ego offer tours that are designed to walk you through the cold press method. We left The Pure Press and Inner Ego with a better understanding around healthy juicing practices. And of course, with a new found respect for people passionate about maintaining premium integrity of their products.


Lynda will be the first to admit it is hard work creating such a unique product.

“It’s definitely a commitment,” she says. “When you’re looking for value, you believe in what you do and what you’re creating then it’s worth it.”




Grouch team xx

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