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Grind Baby Grind – Top 5 Hand Grinders


Ahh the trusty hand grinder – they’re like a love hate relationship. Great when they work, but incredibly frustrating when they don’t. Or they simply can’t achieve what you need them to.

The hand grinder market can be an overwhelming market place to navigate, especially if all you want is a solid hand grinder that you can trust & rely on – we getcha. This is all we ever want too. So we have written a list below of the top 5 hand grinders in our books!


Top 5 hand grinders to buy:

1. Lido 3 Hand Grinder  ~$270

The Lido 3 Hand grinder is made by Orphan Espresso; It’s a super slick hand grinder that’s for sure! The Lido 3 is the latest in their series, with this version coming in 600g lighter than its predecessor and featuring a new black finish.

Hand Grinder - Grouch and Co
Lido 3

The Lido 3 comes with a Swiss made stainless steel conical burrs that grind to serious precision, this is due to it’s dual axle bearing system. This combine with the conical burrs produces super consistent coffee grounds at all grind setting!

The Lido 3 also comes with a treasure chest full of accessories including a hex tool (for when you do an intense clean), full instructions, a popper stopper which can hold 70g of coffee beans, a bristle brush and a carrying case. This product can also easily be taken on the road with you, the grinder has a fold in handle which all fits snug into it’s carry bag – simple as.Grouch Hand Grinder

2. Knock Feldgrind 2 ~$215

Feldgrind is made by Knock, a UK based duo. The Feldgrind2 is an extremely popular piece of machinery, so much so that it’s often sold out and on pre-order.

Grouch and Co Feldgrind2The Feldgrind is a beautiful quality build with an awesome design to match. They’re extremely simply to use & super easy to control (just what we all want, right?). To change the grind (what we think is probs the most difficult part of hand grinders) you simply use the dial at the top of the grinder. It has clear numbers and is super simple to operate.

The grinder is equipped with black steel burrs, custom hardened for durability and grind quality. If you can get your hands on one of these, we would highly recommend them!


3. Comandante Hand Grinder C40 MKII ~$360

The Comandante C40 (MKIII) is built for true coffee lovers (like us).  It’s a beautiful looking grinder, with a 100% natural oak knob. The body of the grinder fits beautifully in your hand which makes grinding with the Comandante more of an experience then simply a process.

Grouch & Co Comandante hand grinder

The burrs are extremely durable, made from high nitrogen stainless steel. The burrs are bloody sharp and very durable which help produce uniform coffee grounds suitable for all brew methods. From French press to Turkish coffee – the Comandante grinder can handle the grind..

ComandanteGrinder Grouch &Co

The Comandante was designed and produced in Germany. The team have done some serious RND to produce a quality and durable product. A reliable grinder is one of the most important pieces of equipment in your home brew setup. We also really appreciate the presentation of this grinder, it comes in as one of our all time favourites.

 4. Porlex Mini Hand Grinder ~$65

 The Porlex Mini Hand Grinder is a durable and portable hand grinder. Excellent if you are a keen traveller or want a grinder that can easily be taken anywhere you go.


Grouch & Co prolex hand grinderMade in Japan from solid stainless steel and ceramic burrs the Porlex Mini Hand Grinder is able to produce relatively consistent grind size (our dream for a hand grinder). Adjusting the grind size is simple ad can be set for most brew options.

Grouch & Co Porlex Hand Grinder

Our favourite thing about this hand grinder is it fits perfectly into the chamber of the AeroPress. This makes storage easy and brewing freshly ground coffee on the go, possible. Coming in at a super affordable price, this hand grinder is an excellent starting point – especially if you plan to take it out and about.

 5. Hand Ground Precision Grinder ~$130

 The Hand Ground Precision Grinder is made by coffee lovers & baristas so you know you’re going to get a quality product that’s been thought about as well as tried & tested by home baristas around the world to ensure it doesn’t just look good, but its easy to use & actually works!

Our fave part of this grinder is how simple it is to adjust the grind. The guys behind this grinder thought about a camera when designing the grind adjustment section,


“We drew inspiration from the focus ring on a camera lens…twist the numbered ring from setting 1 to produce an espresso grind or 8 for French Press…”

Each number also has a step between it meaning there are a total of 15 different grind settings, ensuring you can get your grind just right! This grinder is the first of its kind to be designed with a side crank, producing a smooth and effortless grind action. Fitted with conical ceramic burrs this grinder doesn’t skip on quality either.

Hand Ground Grouch & CoThis grinder is extremely well thought out, and is a dream to use for all skill levels. Those who have been making coffee at home for years will really appreciate all the extra touches they’ve added to make our lives easier!

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