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How to Instagram your coffee


So you want to Instagram your Coffee? We have all been guilty of taking a snap of our coffee in our favorite cafe but did you do it justice.

We asked one of our favorite creatives Ridhwaan Moolla, for some insider knowledge into styling and shooting coffee.“Side window light on a beautifully textured surface is key to capturing that velvety sheen of a well-poured coffee. Oh and make sure to snap it quickly!” Ridhwaan Moolla



Grouch and Co instagraming coffeeTime and time again, beautiful coffees are shot and published on Instagram looking bubbly & just a bit gross. As baristas, we die a little inside when we see our latte art looking flat and old – so we have put together a how-to of the best ways to Insta your coffee and keep your barista happy.


  1. Location! Find a place with great window light that will make everything glow. The surface should be interesting and speak the context of the coffee experience.
  2. Decide how you want to shoot the coffee & the angle! Flat lay (from above), or at a gentle angle. Perhaps use a prop to check how it will turn out e.g salt shaker in the place of where you want the coffee to go. Add the props (beautiful magazine, amazing crockery, fabulous food)
  3. When your coffee arrives, take your picture asap – don’t drink any of it! nothing looks worse than a 1/2 drunk coffee with bubbles and milk rings around the edge.
  4. Take as many pictures as possible, this way you can choose the very best one to show off your coffee inspiration.
  5. Choose a filter that shows off the contrast of the coffee and milk


grouch and co instagraming coffeeSarah Dinsdale from  Lyndley Mill, food styling glamazons, says “Focus is important, make sure your camera is focused on the cremè and milk texture rather than the rim of the cup or the background. Another handy hint for white coffees is to use the ‘highlighting’ meter tool in the Instagram editing section, as it will bring out the brightness in the milk. This attracts the eyes’ attention.”

So there you have it our 5 steps to keep your Instagram followers and moody barista happy.





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