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Salvaging Barista Hands


Their eyes locked across the coffee counter, she said his name, he swaggered toward her. She let her hands linger on his cup, hoping for contact…


We work with coffee, it’s a hands-on business and we like to get down and dirty with the daily grind. But girlfriend, that ain’t no excuse to let yourself go.

You want to get his attention but for the right reasons. We’ve all had those casual flirty counter encounters and you think you’re hot shit until you look down and see what they see… short, uneven nails stained brown – dark with goop and grind. And let’s not forget those overgrown cuticles and the nail polish from three weeks ago that’s well and truly flaking off. When you do get that hand-to-hand contact with your counter crush – you feel excited… they feel sandpaper. Hot? Not hot.


Keeping on top of your hand-health doesn’t need to be expensive or time consuming. Follow this simple nightly routine to improve the overall look and feel of your hands…


  1. In the shower (assuming you shower – which may also improve your pick-up rate), use a soft scrubbing brush around your nails, hands or anywhere else needing special attention (i.e. index finger).
  2. After showering use a nail file or clippers to remove any excess grime from nails – give them a quick trim to keep them even or file them down. They should be no longer than your finger tip.
  3. Cut off any “quicks” that may be loose from the nail (these can get infected and are bloody painful).
  4. If you have a cuticle exfoliator, apply it now. If not, gently push them down so you see your “half-moons”
  5. OPTIONAL – I like to apply a strengthening base coat and top coat of clear varnish for extra protection.
  6. Apply a good quality hand cream after routine and before bed. I also keep a good quality but less expensive cream in my handbag to apply throughout the day.
Girl Next Door. Did you see @stmperth's bright cocktail editorial in yesterday's issue? Nails by me!! #hot:
STMPerth featuring Girl Next Door nail art


Ladies -Feel like pampering yourself? Go grab an express Mani from your local nail salon. Ask for Shellac or Gel Nail for longer lasting polish. Or better yet, for some serious glam, book an appointment at Girl Next Door, one of Perth’s best nail artists.





My fave hand finds:

aesop hand balm - Google Search:

Aesop Hand Balm $29.00

natio heavenly hand cream - Google Search:

Natio Heavenly Hand Cream $9.95 (perfect for the handbag)

burt's bees almond milk beeswax hand creme - Google Search:

Burt’s Bees Almond Beeswax hand cream $18.95

manicare cuticle massage cream - Google Search:

Manicare cuticle massage cream $13.99


Be proud of your hands! After all… they’re your best tool. And I’m not just talking industry here.


Words By Kitty


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