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Stranger Danger … not something to be THAT afraid of

Stranger Danger … not something to be THAT afraid of


How would you feel turning up to a dinner party where you knew no one? Would you feel less unnerved or more unnerved knowing everyone at the dinner party were strangers to one another?


We sat down with one of the mysteriously clever Strangers to learn more about their elusive dinner parties…

Stranger Danger dinners connect eight absolute strangers and invite them to eat with each other (in a semi-civilized fashion), as a way to connect people within our Perth community, outside the norm.

We asked one of the Strangers if there was a psychology behind it, was this some weird experiment they were doing on Perthies? A case study, maybe?

“I’m sure there is some kind of psychology behind it but it’s not intentional. We just wanted to create a way for people to meet others outside their normal circle. It’s a way to interact differently with people,” says one of the Strangers.

It got us thinking, dinner with mates is usually a fun, relaxed, almost preconceived activity. You sort of know what to expect already, can maybe guess the conversations that will take place and you feel safe that you’ll chat within your comfort zone. So how does a dinner with strangers go down?

“You get to tell all those amazing stories about your experiences that your friends have heard before, for the first time! We found that people would connect on another level, kind of like when you go travelling and seem to forge these long-lasting friendships with people. We feel like we’ve created this environment but in our own city,” said the Stranger.

stranger danger dinner image
Stranger Danger Dinners Perth

And if small-talk, initiating conversation or speaking within a group isn’t your strong point – don’t stress. The Strangers have all this covered and more. As we said before, we can’t disclose what goes down at the dinners but we can assure you, you won’t be short of conversation. The Strangers carefully orchestrate the dinners so the potential for awkward silences is minimal.

Also rest assured, it is highly unlikely you’ll know any of the other guests. The Strangers have this Big Brother ability to suss out your life (past and present… and maybe future). So they know that you won’t know any of the other guests and that those guests won’t know you or know that you don’t know that you know you won’t know any one. You know?


stranger danger dinner
lol, you rebel

Now in their 109th dinner, Stranger Danger dinners run three times a week at alternating venues. For booking details and information you will have to get sneaky and hunt for yourself. We were told strictly not to offer up any information. HA! Suckers!


Before you get all excited there are some prerequisites to qualify as a guest.

  1. You have to appear/be/have the potential to be interesting
  2. You must not be friends on Facebook with absolutely every person in Perth
  3. You must not have a criminal record (OK, this one isn’t legit but they certainly don’t encourage criminals to dine with non-criminals)
  4. Weirdos are welcome, if not encouraged
Stranger table dark
Oooo mystery dinner mood

Not only does each stranger get a cool little gift to take away with them, but they also walk away with seven potentially great new friendships or stalkers.

And no, this isn’t a dating thang – geez people, think outside the box. This isn’t about hooking in, it’s about stepping out.


We fucking love it.


Stranger Danger Dinners will be expanding soon to other cities. Check out their website register for dinners.



xx The Grouch & Co team xx

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