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The Hangover Cure

The Hangover Cure


Feeling a little shabby?

Let us help you out of your dark death hole

The Grouch Cure


  • Double espresso
  • 150ml Sparkling Water
  • 100ml Aloe vera juice
  • 1 tbs shredded or grated fresh ginger



  1. Pour the double espresso over the shredded ginger. Allow it to infuse
  2. Meanwhile, down the aloe vera juice, shot style
  3. Pour the sparkling water over the ginger infused coffee
  4. Consume at leisure da-daa! Hangover be gone

watch our video for details The Grouch Cure

You are welcome

2016-01-27 09.28.09
Aloe vera, ginger, and double spro sorting out our woe


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