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This Is What Your Mum Wants

This Is What Your Mum Wants


Finally, the day you’ve been waiting for all year long has arrived…the day you can spoil your mum because it’s MOTHERS DAY !!!

Just like you, we’ve been counting down the days until 8th May, and we’re ready to grace our sweet mums with these Grouch & Co treats:

Choc & Chai Collection

Hand-blended, exquisite ingredients, secret spices… This collection is Grouch & Co’s love child. Pretty much it’s the only time we go soft and gooey with the feels, so lap it up.

Sweet, sweet, hot chocolate. But not too sweet; perfectly balanced. $16
Hand blended wet-chai mix using active honey from southern WA. It tastes as decadent as it looks. $22









Cold Brew Collection

Your mumsy is one cool cat. She loves throwing down some cold ones, but ones that taste good and are good for you. So, let us introduce you to: Grouch & Co’s Cold Brew collection. The award winning black iced coffee, dairy milk iced coffee, and almond milk iced coffee. The coffee’s been brewed for 24 hours using a full immersion technique, then perfectly mixed with al naturale ingredients and bottled for you and your mum.

Black Iced Coffee $6.50, Dairy Milk Iced Coffee $6.50, Almond Milk Iced Coffee $7.50

Coffee Collection

By now, you’ve probably seen our coffee splashed on your insta feed, spamming your snapchat, and featuring in your local newspaper. Suffice it to say, we buy in the highest-end specialty green beans from single origins around the world. We lightly roast the green beans in small batches, then bag them up as single origins or seasonal blends.
E.g, our Diamond Mule is a seasonal blend made up of Ethiopian and Brazilian beans, and it was crowned the Champion Espresso at the Australian International Coffee Awards last month.
Yes, the coffee’s amazing, and your mum deserves to have some daily deliciousness at home.

This is what award winning Grouch & Co coffee looks like, fresh from the roaster.
corporate pack Coffee lovers deluxe $55
Coffee Collection sample: Diamond Mule blend $16, Single Origin Guji $20, Sparky blend $16

Oh, and our decaf coffee is amazing: called 2FACED, it’s a single origin from Mexico. Perfect for new mums/anyone who’s already buzzing from life.

Sorted. Your mum is going to swoon with delight! Job done xxx

the Grouch & Co team.

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