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We Love Unorthodox Coffee Making


Coffee? Check.

Scales? Check.

Hot Water? Check.

Unorthodox Brew Method? CHECK!

In this day and age, where everyone wants to stand out & wants to be the ultimate #hipster you wouldn’t think there would be a brew method that’s considered unorthodox, but that’s exactly how the AeroPress is described!

Grouch Life is all about being different, which is why we love the AeroPress and everything it encapsulates about coffee making.

The WA heat of the AeroPress World Championships took place on Friday 7th September. Hosted by Micrology Coffee Roasters, the night saw a bunch of amateur AeroPressers from around our golden state battle head to head for the ultimate prize…

The World AeroPress Championships first began in 2008 when two coffee lovers asked themselves the question:

“Wouldn’t it be fun to see who could brew the best cup of AeroPress Coffee?”

And so the championships came to life! The AeroPress Champs is a global coffee-making competition. The competition now spans 120 regional and national events taking place in over 60 countries. The regional & national competitions then culminate at the World AeroPress Championship Final. The 2018 World Final is in Sydney in November.

How does the comp work? We hear you asking…

Firstly, the competition is a multi-round elimination. Each round 3 unsuspecting competitors have 8 minutes to prep, brew & present their best AeroPress to a panel of 3 judges.

Next each drink is present to the judges, all 3 drinks are presented in the same vessel so judges can’t know who brewed which cup. The judges then tase & evaluate each coffee, the judging is 100% personal preference. Unlike some comps, there’s no score sheets or panel discussions.

Finally, on the count of three the judges point to their favourite coffee, moving the winner to the next round & eliminating the other contestants.

The Perth heat was a sold out event, competition to be named the WA AeroPress Champ was at fever pitch. After many heated rounds finally the ultimate AeroPress Champ was found! The winner, Jo-Hann received flights & entry into the National Championships in Melbourne this month!

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