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Weighed down



Take a cheeky peek at any barista workstation and you will be able to predict the quality of your coffee immediately by asking one simple question:  Is the barista weighing their doses and shots?  A self-respecting barista will weigh their coffee because using a scientific approach is the only way to produce a consistent, quality shot every time. Any barista who tries to justify not using a scale is making excuses and are irresponsible custodians of their coffee. Once reserved for the coffee wanker, weighing your coffee is now standard practice. Like a good chef, baristas need to measure out the ingredients they are going to use in their recipe.


When we say dose we are talking about the weight of the coffee that comes out of the grinder. Grinders are inconsistent and spit out different amounts of coffee every time. By keeping the dose the same, we can be sure that we are consistently brewing with the same amount of coffee. Dosing your coffee isn’t reserved for wanky coffee places, it should be a basic practice for all competent baristas.

Weighing shots or measuring the output refers to the weight of the espresso that comes out of the machine. Keeping the output the same means you get the same amount of coffee in every cup and removes any inconsistency between baristas. A good café produces the same coffee every time regardless of who makes it.

Working with scales in a café setting can be time consuming but this shouldn’t negatively affect workflow. When baristas take the time to measure the input and output of their coffee, they are confidently delivering a product they know tastes good.


Coffee that has been meticulously sourced, processed & roasted deserves to be treated with respect. We weigh our coffee at Grouch because we respect our coffee. We respect the blood, sweat and tears poured into each bag of beans and acknowledge that as the final link in the coffee chain, we should be good custodians of an already amazing product.

High quality coffee delivered consistently can only be delivered by baristas who take preparation seriously.  At Grouch, we can promise you that from farm to cup, your coffee has been treated with respect and precision by baristas who actually give a shit.


Images: Grouch & Co

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